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Since the day we are born, we are bombarded with information, guidance, and example. This in turn shapes our decisions as to what and who will be ultimatley be, but why is this the case?  Thinking about it as simply as possible, if you were to be the last person on the face of the planet, you’d probably be a lot different.

You’d be someone who’s soley enveloped in your own development, whereas now you are the exact opposite, you seek to please, to “fit-in”.  But why?  Is it more validating to be validated by others than to simply seek out your own happiness?  Or are you looking for an in-between so that those who are in your life only judge you a little but you still get to slightly pursue what makes you happy?

My advice, as a 21 year old college drop-out whose entire life up until last year sought only to please those around me- JUMP IN HEAD FIRST.  GO FOR IT– no matter the consequence.  My dream was to surf every day of my life, and now I get to do it, degree or no degree, that’s what I wanted to do!


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-You’re happier when you pursue your dream, no matter what judgment you face.

The Judgment of others is something you will disregard after you accept what truly makes you happy, it will be an insect in a room full of possiblities.  Even more so, you will be surrounded by those who are more like-minded the more you pursue your dream.

You were dealt a hand when you were born, all of us were, but this isn’t supposed to dictate your outcome in life.  In fact, your parents were dealt with a different hand than you, and those before them and so on.  But what’s remained consistent over the last few generations is the inability to see past the simple fact that everyone’s different and has a different dream.  So regardless of if it’s going to school and becoming a doctor, or living out of a van and hiking trails all day long, go for it and forget the rest.   



Notes:  I’ll be doing a video blog/ Q & A sometime next week to discuss this article in more depth, hopefully I get to hear from you guys and what you’re struggling with, and how we can work together to help accomplish what YOU want out of life.


Updated: January 20, 2016 — 10:52 am

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