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Turmoil in Syria Means Trouble For Everyone- But Who Should Help?



The War in Syria has left millions of innocent civilians displaced and fleeing for their lives.  Countries across the arab world have so-far rejected most immigrants fleeing the Syrian conflict.  Which is quite interesting see as most asylum seekers would have a far easier time integrating themselves into an arab-speaking country than a non-speaking one.

Immigration Minister of Canada John McCallum recently admitted that most immigrants coming into Syria “face a blank slate” because ” more than 90 per cent of refugees who have arrived in Canada speak neither English nor French.”  This only means it will be harder for these immigrants to integrate, and the trouble doesn’t stop at the language barrier.

A rise in sexual assaults among Syrian refugees has fueled anti-semitism across Europe and the U.S.  Over new years, “670 criminal complaints, at least 330 of those relating to sexual violence”, according to AFP.  As if the situation could not get any worse, a small percentage of immigrants have no done a disservice to the majority by giving the opposition to asylum-seakers good reason to keep them out.   Meanwhile, no arab gulf countries have made an effort to aid the Syrian refugees.

And even though Saudi Arabia claims to have taken in a certain number of refugees, their standard is not recognized by countries in the UN due to the fact that they did not participate in the signing of the 1951 Refugee Convention.  Therefore, it is unclear how the Syrian refugee population is truly fairing in the kingdom.

Regardless of which countries choose or do not choose to participate in aiding these refugees, the problem will no-doubt continue to grow as the war in Syria has shown no signs of letting up despite international efforts.

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