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Renewable Energy Outpacing Oil Industry




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In a year filled with economic uncertainty that has left investors in Chinese markets scrambling to cash-out and regroup, a new market has begun to emerge.  Following Oil’s worst year since 2003, renewable energy seeks to be the winner of 2015 and moving forward.  This does not necessarily mean that oil will be put out of work.  In fact, oil still remains the cheapest option for powering vehicles.  The two industry’s (oil and renewable) have a chance to share to look of 2016 by separating their key roles.  One focusing on powering homes and buildings, the other sticking with cars and other key forms of transportation.  This leads us to believe that 2016 is more of a transitionary year for the world as a whole.  As more and more developing nations invest in renewable energy, oil prices will continue to remain low.  This not only means low prices for both groups due to competition, but also a peek into the future.

If we are able to completely transition from oil to other forms of energy for transportation, this could mean the end of oil and a complete transition to a much cleaner world.  Surely this would slow the effects of climate change and bring hope to the outlook for the human race as a whole.  Even developing nations are now able to afford Solar and Wind energy, and are investing in it more so than developed nations.  This is big news, but not something we haven’t encountered before- We saw the same thing happen with the smart phone boom back in 2008.

Either way, wether it be wind, solar, or biomechanical, or all three combined 2016 will be a huge year for every country and (hopefully) a giant leap towards a cleaner planet.

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