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I’ve never been a big fan of the 9-5 work schedule, but more importantly, I’ve never been a fan doing ANYTHING for 8 hours straight.  I don’t care who you are or how fun your job is, 8 hours of anything straight get’s monotonous and boring after a while- especially when it’s five days in a row.

Bentley University just backed me up on what was mentioned above with a study based on what millennials prefer to work, and the results aren’t shocking- except to your parents maybe.  Regardless, we, the next generation will make up “75% of the workforce” by 2025- so what we say goes right?

“77% of millennials say that flexible work hours would make the workplace more productive for people their age”

77%!  WOW!  So I’m not alone on this one eh?

This comes to no surprise, as I’ve always been a more productive person in the first few morning hours of my day, and then later at night when I get my second wind (non-alcohol induced) and seemingly cannot fall asleep.  The other hours are filled with trying to drown myself in coffee to stay awake, and probably add up to one solid hour of productivity.

The article goes on to reinforce why it would be beneficial for more flexible work hours by saying that “89% of millennials check their work emails after hours“.

This doesn’t come to a surpirse at all, our phones are a computer in our pocket that most of us check a million times before we go to bed, so why not adjust accordingly when it comes to work?

I think we should all be happy to see an end to the 9-5.  It sucks.  And we could all use some more daylight- vitamin D is good for you, so they say.  Or if binging on Netflix is more your style then go for it.  Either way, more flexible hours are on the horizon my young visionaries- so stay positive!


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