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Donald Trump Going After Big Corporations to Take Back Jobs




Jobs are perhaps the biggest topic of discussion for the presidential election, and why not?  After all, that’s where your livelihood comes from.  And even more so, each presidential candidate has completely different views on how to combat unemployment in the U.S and help American citizens get back on their feet.


Take Bernie Sanders for example, he claims that our infrastructure is grossly underfunded and requires some serious revamping.  To do so, Sanders has proposed the Rebuild America Act-

“to invest $1 trillion over five years to modernize our infrastructure.  It would be paid for by closing loopholes that allow profitable corporations to avoid paying taxes by, among other things, shifting their profits to the Cayman Islands and other offshore tax havens.

Then there’s Donald Trump, the man, the myth, the…president?  He claims time and time again that China, Mexico, and other countries that white supremacists hate are stealing our jobs and ruining America.  So, to counteract this, Trump has proposed that we take those jobs back.

“You look at countries like Mexico, where they’re killing us on the border, absolutely destroying us on the border. They’re destroying us in terms of economic development. Companies like Carrier air conditioner just moving into Mexico, Ford moving into Mexico, Nabisco closing up shop in Chicago and moving into Mexico,” Trump said to supporters at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida. “We have to stop it, folks. I know how to stop it: We’re going to create jobs, we’re going to create jobs like you’ve never seen.”

Sounds great, but how?  That remains to be seen or heard but either way you slice it Trump is gaining the support he needs to at least attempt it.

Disney Corporation has recently landed in the hot seat for flying in foreign workers to replace American workers for a fraction of the pay in order to cut costs.  The American workers even have to TRAIN THEIR REPLACEMENTS!  This could (rightfully so) leave quite a few people rather disgruntled.  But even more so, this physical embodiment of the fear campaign that the Donald projects might have an even greater effect than anticipated.

Rather than playing off of what-ifs and speculation, Trump and company now have tangible evidence to fuel the fire, and make America Angry Again, something that could end in either total catastrophe or positive resurrection of the economy.

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