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Corporate Trust- What are You Driving?



To kick off our weeks topic on corporate honesty and dis-honesty, it seems only fitting that we start at what used to be the very core of American industry- Cars.

Cars, we love em and we hate em.  They get us where we need to go and cost us thousands to maintain.  It’s often a question of trust when buying a new vehicle, not just from the dealer themselves, but from the manufacture as a whole.  Many people end of putting the majority of their savings into purchasing their first car in order to acquire personal transportation to their occupation.  Cars are certainly necessary, but what are you getting into when you buy one?

Take a look at Volkswagens latest innovation, a computer chip that fools emissions testers by lying to the computer in order to meet EPA standards.  If you’re not concerned with the environment then this probably doesn’t apply to you, but what about an exploding airbag that could go off at any time while driving?  Whatever your concerns may be, be it environmental or personal safety- we put a lot of trust into who’s getting us to work every day.

And how about reputation?  Ford has certainly taken a beating in recent years as one of the worlds least trusted brands, but has since made an effort to improve their reputation.  My 01 Ford Taurus quit on me after just 128,000 miles- service was on time and the car was frequently inspected.

As the Detroit Auto Show rolls on this week, car giants are promoting new and exciting vehicles while simultaneously trying to assure consumers that their cars are safe, efficient, and can be trusted.  But don’t take the extravagant, eye-popping new rides as anything more than an effort to gain your trust, or rather to them, your money.  Be smart out there when buying vehicles, for as shady as a dealer can be, the manufacturer is the one who sells the cars to the dealer to begin.  Ask yourself this question when buying a new car if you decide to go that route- for it may not be in “new ” condition for long.

carcomplaints.com is a good place to start examining which cars will actually live up to their hype and withstand the strenuous test of driving to your job every week.  Be smart, be safe, and most of all be informed!

-Ryan Stranahan, Senior Editor

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