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Banning The Burqa



In wake of the sexual attacks in Germany, it would seem as though racial tensions are nearing a fever-pitch.  Not only are protests turning violent and out-of-control, but now, many anti-immigration advocated want to ban anyone from wearing a burqa in Germany.

Interestingly, one of the points made by finance minister Lise Aigner is sexual equality.   This is a rather modest argument considering the danger of allowing someone to not show their face in public if they were to be committing an act of terrorism, but this point has yet to be made.  Aigner goes on to say how she was forced to wear a head-scarf in Iran, believes those from the arabic world should follow their customs in Germany as she did.

In other news, Germany has also announced it is seeking to nearly shut the door on all North African migrants following the new years sexual assaults.  Since these countries are deemed safe anyways, Germany feels that it is unnecessary for these countries to continue sending the influx of immigrants that have been in recent years.

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