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Why The Oscars Were a Success

Last night was a fun reminder that, despite the claims of Jada Smith, the Oscars are indeed still everyone’s favorite award ceremony.  Chris Rock killed it as host and made light of the situation (as he always does) and kept the show going.  “Her man Will was not nominated for Concussion. I get it. You get […]

Does Your Vote Even Matter?

capitol, washington D.C, superdelegates

    Feeling the Bern?  Want to make America great again?  Either way you slice it, this election has been nothing short of epic so far.  With a cast of characters liken to Star Wars, the American public has been entertained non-stop.  But all kidding aside, whoever becomes our next president will have a dramatic […]

Bill Gates Siding With F.B.I.

apple, bill gates, iphone, F.B.I

Recently, the F.B.I has requested that Apple, the phone company who is responsible for the iphone, to help decrypt one of San Bernardino attackers phones.  Apple later refused to do so in anticipation that this would open the door for the government and other governments to access people’s iphone’s and invade their privacy. Now, as […]

A New Language?

Coding is becoming more and more essential in today’s world for using and manipulating technology, as evidenced by Florida law maker’s proposals. In the proposal, the law maker’s suggest students have the option of taking a coding course in place of the school’s two foreign language requirements. “This (coding) is a global language today,” said […]

Banning The Burqa

In wake of the sexual attacks in Germany, it would seem as though racial tensions are nearing a fever-pitch.  Not only are protests turning violent and out-of-control, but now, many anti-immigration advocated want to ban anyone from wearing a burqa in Germany. Interestingly, one of the points made by finance minister Lise Aigner is sexual […]

How Oil is Affecting the Refugee Crisis

ISIS and it’s affiliates have no doubt caused a mass-imimgration from Arab nations mainly including Syria during the last year.  And while many European nations are scrambling to accommodate these people fleeing from conflict, some fear the worst is yet to come- And it won’t be from Syria. David Boss recently explained to Bloomberg, “Look how […]

Corporate Honesty and Dishonesty Concluded- Justice

This week we were able to discuss everything to do with corporations from all spectrums involved in unethical practices.  From the auto industry to pharmaceuticals, questionable tactics used by corporations and individuals can be found everywhere.  I hope this has left you feeling more vigilant rather than betrayed.  It is true some corporations follow these […]

Renewable Energy Outpacing Oil Industry

  In a year filled with economic uncertainty that has left investors in Chinese markets scrambling to cash-out and regroup, a new market has begun to emerge.  Following Oil’s worst year since 2003, renewable energy seeks to be the winner of 2015 and moving forward.  This does not necessarily mean that oil will be put […]

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